We use water based wood stains, paint and finishes that provides a long lasting wood tone, colour and durability. It penetrates deep into the pores of the wood to seal and protect the woods surface. We offer a total of 12 different finishes including a natural finish, ten stain finishes and a black paint finish.

The colours and finishes shown here are for reference purpose only. Please contact us to receive samples. Each sample is $1.00 plus $8.00 for postage. 

The lighter colour finishes like Natural and Golden Oak make for great contrast to the usually black equipment. The Red Mahogany and Rosewood have a more "royal" look to it, typical with Cherry wood furniture. Brown Mahogany and Dark Walnut are more natural looking timeless and easy to match other types of furniture with. Ebony is more modern and has a bit of a Purple to it depending on the light. Black has the classic technical furniture look. Yellow, Blue, Red and Green are statement colours that will make the workstation and gear pop.


We offer a 2 tone wood finish on most workstations, racks and stands. The 2 tone wood finish gives great contrast and really makes the furniture stand out even more. The 2 tone wood finish is often a combination of a light to medium wood stain for the sides, and the Black finish for the work surfaces. An additional charge of 10% of the total is applied.