Monitor Stands

Have your studio monitors stand out with these custom made and handcrafted monitor stands. Our stands are available in heights of 12'', 18'', 24'', 32'', 38'' and 48''. 

The top plates are 12'' x 12'', large enough at accommodate most studio monitors. The bases are large enough to prevent the stand from tipping when placing large, heavier monitors. The bases have 4 rubber feet to help prevent the stands from moving or vibrating. 

The stands also include 2 cable clips that attach to the back of the stands, keeping the cables neat and tidy. Sand bags or weights can be added to the inside of the columns to help add weight to the base.

12'' Monitor Stands: $179.00 / Pair
18'' Monitor Stands: $189.00 / Pair
24'' Monitor Stands: $199.00 / Pair
32'' Monitor Stands: $229.00 / Pair
38'' Monitor Stands: $249.00 / Pair
48'' Monitor Stands: $299.00 / Pair

Wood Finishes