Contour Recording Studio Workstation


The Contour Workstation is the perfect desk for a home setup, a small studio, or in a 2nd studio space. The unique curved shape and design of the desktop and side panels make this workstation stand out from all others. 

Some features of the workstation includes two separate 3u desktop racks within easy reach. 2'' cable port and grommet located centre of the Desktop. The top shelf extending the full width of the desk with ample room for studio monitors and a large computer screen. Also includes a height adjustable sliding shelf for a computer keyboard and mouse. 

Desk Size:  W: 52'' x D: 26'' x H: 29 3/4''
Sliding Shelf Size:  W: 26'' x D: 12''
Top Shelf Size:  W: 52'' x D: 12'' x H: 6 1/2''

Price: $999.00

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)