Inspire Recording Studio Workstation

The Inspire Workstation is designed to house plenty of rack equipment with a total of 36 rack spaces all within reach. The workstation has two build in 14u racks on either side of the desk. It also has two 4u slanted front racks on top of the desktop. 

The screen shelf between the two top racks is height adjustable and wide enough to accommodate most 27" computer screens. This shelf also frees up more desk space under the computer monitor. Also includes a height adjustable sliding shelf for a computer keyboard and mouse. 

Desk Size:  W: 72'' x D: 26'' x H: 29 3/4''
Screen Shelf Size:  W: 30'' x D: 8''
Sliding Shelf Size:  W: 28'' x D: 13''
4u Rack Size:  Top D: 8'' x Bottom D: 10'' x H: 8 3/4''

Price: $1499.00