Mastering Workstation


The Mastering Workstation is designed to house plenty of rack equipment in three low angle 10u bays for a total of 30u all within easy reach. The large front work surface has ample room for controllers and keyboards that allows them to be within reach.

The top monitor shelf sits above the rack bays and is large enough to accommodate most 27" computer screens along with most monitors. The optional (extra charge) height adjustable sliding surface is perfect for most 88 key controllers. 

Overall Size : W : 62 1/2''  x D: 45 1/2'' 
Front Desk Size:  W: 60 1/4''' x D: 14'' x H: 30''
Top Shelf Size:  W: 62 1/2'' x D: 14'' x H: 36 1/4'' 
Optional Sliding Shelf Size:  W: 53'' x D: 14'' x 4 1/2'' - 61/2''

Workstation Price: $1599.00
Sliding Surface Price: $199.00

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)